Our brand

Creating a recipe for Wyborowa Vodka.

The beginnings of Wyborowa's production and its export.

Wyborowa wins its first international awards.

First registration of the WYBOROWA trademark.

The beginning of exports to the USA. The Polish word ''wódka'' is used on the label.

Wyborowa becomes the main promotional product for the Monte Carlo Rally, later also the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

Rumour has it that the Rolling Stones are playing a concert in Poland for a wagonload of Wyborowa Vodka.

Wyborowa is served on Concorde during its first flight.

Wyborowa is as declared the third best-selling vodka in the world.

Exclusive rights obtained to the Wyborowa Vodka trademark, followed by the acquisition of the Wyborowa brand by Pernod Ricard.

Introduction of the Wyborowa Exquisite brand (formerly Wyborowa Single Estate).

Wyborowa appears at the Oscars and the MTV Awards in Lisbon.

Wyborowa begins to sponsor the alcohol zone at the Tauron New Music Festival and Robert Kupisz fashion shows.

Wyborowa is marked as Polska Wódka (Polish Vodka).

Wyborowa introduces a new bottle, inspired by fields of waving grain.


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The Museum of Polish Vodka is the only such place in the world. It is located in the historic Rectification Plant building on the grounds of the Koneser Praga Center.

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